3D Tattoo | Picture


3D tattoo

No one knows exactly when the first tattoos appeared on the human body. This is one of the oldest art forms. Archaeologists find the remains of ancient people who are more than six thousand years old. On their bodies were painted. For many centuries, the art of drawing the image on the human body, developed and improved.

Tattoo with a three-dimensional effect

With the development of modern technology, 3D graphics has entered our world. She became very popular in everyday life – fashion, science, television, computer technology. Three-dimensional graphics received its recognition in tattoo shops.
Despite the fact that the image is applied to a regular surface, the 3D tattoo is stunning with its realism and volume. This effect is achieved through the correct application of color, shadows, many details in the figure. When choosing a sketch, you need to decide on which part of the body it will be applied. The size and theme of the picture depends on it.