Beautiful models hammered


Beautiful models hammered


Women’s body-worn tattoo look aesthetically pleasing, attractive and sexy, differ from masculine ones in a variety of subjects and colors. Some girls choose small images: swallows, stars, bows, chanterelles and cats, heart in different styles. Flower arrangements, feathers and peacocks, a sugar skull look attractive, but scorpions with spiders do not adorn the fair sex.
Symmetric patterns and pictures of animals, birds or flowers look original.

Girls often choose tattoo designs on their chest in the form of jewelry: necklaces, precious stones, and a steampunk rose. The pattern can be extended to the neck and around it, to the shoulders, shoulder blade.

Tattoo between the breasts and under the breasts is popular among girls, it looks elegant and sexy. Drawing can be put as black pigments, and color. Basically, it has the shape of a triangle, and its top is located in the solar plexus. The cap can be with intimate meaning, ornament or patterns of Slavic, Celtic, Egyptian and Gothic styles, lace compositions look spectacular.