Chic outfits on famous tattoo models


Famous tattoo models

For many decades, there has been a stereotype in the fashion environment that to build a successful career as a model or model on the catwalk, guys and girls should refrain from tattoos. And if at times the desire to wear tattoos for men still prevailed over the prohibitions of the industry, then it really stopped many girls.

Just 20 years ago, models with tattoos were denied collaboration with leading brands, but public sentiment changed.

Currently, in parallel with the worldwide development of tattoos as art, a demand has appeared and is developing for models with non-standard appearance. Girls and men with tattoos do not scare anyone else. Society no longer limits the possibilities of fans of this art to the rigid limits. Increasingly, you can meet tattooed people on the podium, billboards, covers of the most popular glossy magazines. Alternative tattoo models – a new round of development of the fashion industry. A combination of the natural beauty of the human body with works of art by professional tattoo artists. Every day more and more bright, beautiful, courageous young men and women strive to conquer the world of fashion.