Girls Models with Different Tattoos


Girls Models with Different Tattoos


If you carefully review our gallery of photos and sketches of the tattoo on the collarbone, then make sure that the girls in the photo are really more than men. To build guesses only on this is very imprudent, but, nevertheless, we want to talk separately about the attitude of the girls to the tattoo on the collarbone. I must say, among women there is a “cult of the clavicle”. Of course, it sounds funny. Most of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity is in a state of permanent struggle with obesity, in pursuit of a slim and beautiful figure.

Therefore, protruding and “deep” clavicles are considered by many to be an indicator of refinement. Bearing in mind the special relationship with these places, tattoos on the clavicles are made to emphasize and concentrate the attention of others on this attribute of female beauty. Among the girls, tattoo inscriptions on the clavicle and flowers are especially popular. What is more often chosen small phrases in Latin or English.

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