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Can I sunbathe after applying tattoos?

If you are going to visit a tattoo parlor before the start of the beach season, please note that tanning after a tattoo is undesirable. Going on vacation at sea, you expose your skin to sunlight, salt water, sweat. For full restoration of the skin after injury when applying a tattoo for two months, treatment with special ointments is necessary, and exposure to the skin with salt water and the sun slows down the process and provokes inflammation.

In addition to the risk of irritation, new tattoos under the influence of ultraviolet light fade faster, lose their clarity, there is a risk of burns. Green and red shades are especially prone to fading. White tattoos done before summer can go away in one season.


Before planning a vacation at sea, make sure the tattoo has healed. 2 months should pass from the moment of application. During the recovery period, exposure to the sun will adversely affect the pattern and condition of the skin, and salt water is also harmful. You need to continue to lubricate the tattoo with ointment “D-Panthenol”, “Bepanten”, you can use H2Ocean, Tattoo goo. It is not recommended to apply “Baby Cream” and oil. Proper care until complete healing allows you to permanently maintain an attractive appearance of the tattoo.

Tattooed people can sunbathe without risking spoiling the picture if they follow the rules of care:

  • apply a special sunblock for tattoos;
  • avoid exposure to salt water, as salt pushes pigment;
  • exclude wet and steaming tattoos.