Hand-made sketches for tattoos


Hand-made sketches for tattoos

Paint of colors for tattoos

Paint for tattooing consists of pigment and diluent. Modern manufacturers in their colorful compositions use the following colors:

  • The black. The most commonly used color in the world of tattoos. Black paint for tattoo contains iron oxides, coniferous plants juice and tar;
  • White. It includes titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and plumbum carbonate. paint for tattoo – white tattoosThat white paint is made for the owner rather than for demonstration to others. Perfectly suitable for fixing old works;
  • Red. It contains cadmium selenide and cinnabar;
  • Yellow. Sodium sulfide is the basis for this pigment.

The remaining colors consist of manganese, brazil, iron oxide, carmine, lead carbonate, indigo, a sandalwood colorant, an extract of red aphid and chitin