Joker tattoo


Joker tattoo

Joker tattoo

I want to say that this tattoo is not very ancient, and not very common, but it has some unusual special meaning and meaning that can not be found in any other tattoos.

In general, the value of the joker tattoo reveals an unquenchable desire for excitement and dangerous games. The Joker is happy today, and tomorrow he is unhappy, now he is kind, and in a moment he is already angry, he gives presents yesterday, but today he steals. Therefore, the image of the joker became directly a symbol of impermanence and frustration, it reminds us that our whole life is painfully hypocritical and unhappy. And each person can quickly change masks and be different.

In ancient times, clowns depicted in the crown of unworthy, deceitful rulers and monarchs, whom the common people did not like. Therefore, the value of a clown tattoo can have some ancient background.

The meaning of the joker tattoo has fully found its disclosure in the section of criminal tattoos. Most often this tattoo has such meanings: (swindler), gambler (gambler in cards)

More positive value of the joker tattoo can be found if you draw parallels with the image of the buffoon in Russian fairy tales and fables. There, in the image of a jester, human failures were most often depicted and satirically depicted human shortcomings. They are also embodied in the image of clowns and fools who can turn the greatest wisdom into idiocy.

More widespread and popular in modern times, the joker tattoo acquired after the release in 2008 of the movie “The Dark Knight” in which the joker was the main villain, very clever and very crazy.