Lovers of Models with Tattoos


Are there temporary tattoos?

Truly temporary drawings on the skin are made with henna using the technique of Indian mehndi body painting. Mehndi services are often offered at sea.

Depending on the dye concentration and skin tone, the image may be light or dark brown. Holds on the skin for 1-2 weeks. But with henna painting, care must be taken – some compounds can cause allergies.

Henna can be applied to the skin only graphic images without color transitions and shadows. Also in practice it is extremely difficult to achieve a neat and clear outline.

Another option for applying a temporary pattern to the skin – body painting – body painting with acrylic paints. Real masters create body-masterpieces. Some painting methods are available at home. The “life span” of an image is from a few hours to a day.

However, neither henna drawing nor body painting can be called a tattoo.