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Paired tattoos for two lovers

Pair tattoos for lovers are an expression of deep feelings and joint aspirations, transmit love torment and secrets. Popular drawings symbolizing the trust between partners, the open soul of lovers. When connecting the bodies, the parts of the figure become one. The image emphasizes the unity of the couple. For a tattoo to be paired, the parts must fit together or be made in the same style.

Tattoo Ideas

  • Fantasy-style sketches of paired tattoos look spectacular, consisting of two parts combined in one composition.
  • Contour-printed images are popular. These are small graceful tattoos that are hidden from strangers. They matter only to a couple in love.
  • A romantic pattern depicting flying birds that move from one hand to another is a great tattoo option for a couple. The image is applied on the back of the hand and is visible when you turn around for a couple walking by the hand.