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Body decoration with a tattoo is becoming increasingly popular. Tattoos help in self-expression, attract attention, demonstrate the interests of a person.

Fashion tattoos 2019: what are the trends? What do boys and girls choose, what themes and styles do they prefer? Find out in this article.

Fashionable women tattoos in 2019

Images of birds were very popular. They are performed on the back, chest. Hummingbirds, owls, swallows and even parrots are depicted.

A new fashion trend is landscape tattoos in color and black and white. A professionally executed landscape resembles an oil painting or an illustration from an adventure novel.

The inscriptions on the body do not lose relevance. They use different fonts and languages, put the names of loved ones, children, significant phrases. Fashionable tattoo for girls in 2019 may be an inscription in Latin.

Flowers are widespread, they are depicted as voluminous and small, with detailed drawing, in the style of realism and watercolor. The most fashionable tattoos for girls with flowers in 2018 are images of irises, lilies, roses and tulips. Lily emphasizes nobleness and innocence, the rose shows passion, and girls with an open character choose a sunflower. Large realistic tattoos on the hip are relevant.