Models of a man with tattoos


Models of a man with tattoos

Not only women models show their beautiful body to viewers and readers of glossy magazines. Ash Stymest was a simple boy who wandered from casting to casting until he made a couple of attractive tattoos. It was very like one of the heads of modeling agencies and soon Ash has decorated the cover of Japanese Vogue Hommes.

This photo was very pleasant to the readers, and soon the bare torso of Asha became the main feature of the night program on the MTV channel, in which he was offered to become the presenter.

The model, Tell Carlson, made first tattoo at home at the age of 14 when he first started working as a model. The hieroglyph on the right hip means “Success”. At the age of 18 he became the leading star of Dior Homme and soon received an exclusive contract with Chanel. Each tattoo on Tel’s body is the personification of his achievements. In his opinion, they bring him luck and help him to remain themselves. As a sign of loyalty to the beloved brand, Tal made a small wasp tattoo on his neck under his hair, he can not be seen, but Tal knows that he is always with him.

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