Models with tattooed bodies


Models with tattooed bodies


The hip is the most extensive part of the leg and is already considered to be one of the favorite places for tattooing. Most often, a tattoo on the thigh can be found in girls. Why? Here the situation is generally the same as with the tattoo on the ankle. A man rarely has to bare this place, and even to admire his hips himself is somehow strange.

The girls are the opposite. Female hips are not just a part of the body, but a real symbol in which female sexuality and grace are concentrated. That is why the fair sex so often seek to emphasize and embellish this particular part of her body.

In some forums I have come across opinions that the tattoo on the thigh is done almost painlessly because there is a large amount of meat in the area under the skin, and therefore the pain is almost not felt. Well, partly agree. Compared with such a place as the knee, the hips really are much less sensitive. But you need to remember two important facts.

First, women’s skin is much softer and more sensitive than that of men. Therefore, the process of applying a tattoo on the thigh of a girl is sometimes accompanied by a small amount of blood and painful sensations. Secondly, as already mentioned, the hip is a fairly voluminous zone, so they mainly make big pictures here.

This means that the tattoo procedure can take several hours and the skin, of course, is irritated, which enhances the sensations. So I cannot fully agree with the popular opinion about the painlessness of tattoos on the hips.