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Questions about tattoo time are among the most common. We answer the most frequent of them.

How long does a tattoo session take in time?

A standard tattoo session is 4 hours. It can be either larger or smaller. It depends on the size of the picture, the type of skin, the chosen place, individual pain sensitivity. It can be physically difficult to endure pain longer. In addition, with long work, the master will find it difficult, and he can make a mistake. Payment is usually hourly.

Optimal time between tattoo sessions

The break between tattoo sessions is individual. It depends on the characteristics of the body and the place of stuffing. Ideally, dyeing continues after complete healing and restoration of the epidermis. In practice, this can take either 4 days or 28.

If you fill a large tattoo, for example, completely back, then very large intervals can stretch the work for an indefinite period. Therefore, sessions are done every 10-15 days. Thus, the work is completely completed in 2-5 months.