Pencil Sketches Tattoo


Pencil Sketches Tattoo

Popular Images and Styles

No matter how diverse the tattoos on the legs are, sketches of these drawings, as a rule, revolve around the following common themes:

Bracelets around the ankles. The popularity of this option was brought by Nicole Richie, having made the tattoo of the corresponding drawing. Indeed, the female legs, and especially on the heels, will surely draw attention to the tattooed chain.

Bows. Very common among the girls are symmetrical bows on their feet from behind.

Vertical lines, imitating stockings, again a purely feminine version (snakes, plant stems).

Flying butterflies and flower ornaments – those time-tested drawings that will not leave anyone indifferent.

Inscriptions. An indispensable attribute of girlish tattoos quite appropriately looks on the foot, ankle or ankle.

Hieroglyphs. Modest or huge characters look on their feet equally interesting.

Men prefer to have Polynesian and Celtic patterns, tribal patterns and biomechanics on their feet. Look well at the male shins of the composition with pirates, skulls, predatory animals and space subjects.