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Money Tattoos

Over the centuries-long history of existence, mankind has accumulated several hundred common traditional and subcultural signs, which are considered to be the talismans of good luck and wealth. Many people today believe that a tattoo can attract money. The most popular symbols of success we have collected in this article.

Wealth tattoo

Three and four leaf clover
Clover – a symbol of good luck among the pagan Celts and their descendants of the Irish, the ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Hindu Buddhists. In the image, the plant can be three- and four-leafed.

The three-leafed clover symbolizes the divine trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. In addition, it can mean Faith, Hope and Love. In both cases, the tattoo protects the person from trouble, attracts luck and financial well-being.

Four-leaf clover is almost never found in nature, therefore it symbolizes exceptional luck. The tattoo with his image makes a person special, not like the other minions of fate. This tattoo is suitable for both women and men.


The Northern European traditions of attracting prosperity, fertility and happiness have preserved to this day unique written symbols – runes. Proponents of esoteric theories claim that such images represent the keys to the secrets of the universe, programming of reality and their own lives.

Tattoos can consist of single runes, as well as whole formulas – stavas. This group of tattoos includes different types of swastikas, conceptual ornaments, stars and many other images. They look great on both men and women.