Perfect Tattoo Sketches


Perfect Tattoo Sketches

Many visitors to the tattoo parlor, deciding to get a tattoo, turn to the master for advice: “Which wearable image is better: color or monotonous?” We decided in this article to highlight the pros and cons of each of the options.

So, it is impossible to unequivocally say that a color tattoo is better or worse than a black and white pattern or vice versa. It is extremely important when choosing your option to consider:

  • tattoo location;
  • image size;
  • selected tattoo style.

As some styles do not involve the use of color, too small size of the picture can become an obstacle to its implementation in color – the contrast disappears, so the small details of the tattoo will simply not be read. Well, if we talk about the pros and cons of tattoos of different types, it is worth noting:

1. Black and white or monotone:

  • look elegant, neat;
  • more often they are of high quality, since not all masters have mastered the skills of working with color;
  • it is possible to add color elements at any time;
  • even over time, they do not lose their perception contrast.

2. Colored:

  • look brighter;
  • open the master more opportunities for creativity, and the client of the salon – for self-realization;
  • performed in many styles;
  • more “live”.

If we talk about the conditional cons, then black tattoos look more sullen, although this is a matter of taste. And the disadvantages of color tattoos include the complexity of execution and the fact that they quickly lose the contrast of visual perception. Although the last minus is easy to fix. It is enough to contact the salon for updating the contours.