Romantic girls with tattoos


Fire tattoos

Fire has long been credited with magical properties. In religious symbolism, flame is interpreted in two ways: as a higher power, and as a temptation, sinful thoughts. Historically, fire symbolizes the greatness of the person who conquered him. The Slavs considered this sign the embodiment of the sun god – Horse. He was the personification of fertility, rebirth, transformation.

Fire tattoo is performed separately or in combination with objects and images, depending on the composition takes on an individual meaning: wisdom, strength or destruction. It can act as a secret sign indicating a rich inner world and knowledge of the soul. In combination with the heart, it demonstrates the passion of nature.

Features and ideas of flame tattoos

A tattoo with fire can be located anywhere, more often choose: biceps, shoulders, back, chest. There are images of flame on the hands, ankles, hips. Girls apply a picture to the lower abdomen or back. To select a sketch, it is recommended to contact a professional master who will recommend a drawing taking into account the size, wishes for style, place of application.

The value can be different and depends on the place where the tattoo with fire is applied. Flames on the chest show mental anguish, a tendency to self-sacrifice. If the symbol is executed on its feet, this may indicate haste in business – a person is in a hurry to live and have time for everything. The image in the inguinal region hints at increased sexuality.