Sketches for tattoos


Sketches for tattoos


If you go to any party where people with tattoos gather, at first it will be difficult to distinguish between male and female scenes. Many tattoos are equally relevant look on the bodies of both sexes. However, as it is not difficult to guess, there are popular tattoo designs for girls. And now I will try to list some of them.

First, it is a different inscription, especially on the wrists. Most of the fair sex – amorous and romantic nature, for which we appreciate them. Especially highlighted images with names.

For girls to put on the wrist the name of a loved one is a risky, but insanely romantic gesture, and in the photo you will find examples of such works.

In fact, the most frequent tattoo lettering for girls is the names of the children. Today, sooo many women seek to capture the birth of a baby with a tattoo. The most common variant is an inscription in italic type, connected with various curlicues and monograms with a date or a clock