Sketches for Future Tattoos


Sketches for Future Tattoos

Features of cover tattoos
Given the complexity and painstaking work, choosing a suitable pattern for overlapping tattoos can not be overemphasized. After all, it must be approached by many criteria: a color palette, dimensions, outlines. In other words, such a procedure can be entrusted only to proven specialists.

Cover tattoos
Even a small miscalculation can lead to the fact that the old tattoo or its elements will be visible. Considering this, it is recommended to collect more bright and saturated colors, which make it possible to completely hide the old tattoo.

In what cases is the tattoo overlap most commonly used? First of all, it is worth noting such reasons:

  • negative memories associated with the sketch of the tattoo or the time of its application;
  • reluctance to resort to tattoo removal;
  • problems with the epidermis, which caused visual changes in the pattern;
  • cardinal changes in the image, outlook;
  • the usual desire to improve your tattoo.