Sketches Tattoos for the Legs


Sketches Tattoos for the Legs

Sudden popularity

For a long time, the art of tattooing did not even know about the existence of legs, because in order to charge a person with a certain energy or to inform someone of the necessary information about the carrier, the more open parts of the body were perfectly fitting: arms, back and chest.

Now the situation has changed dramatically, and the feet have become a permanent canvas for the creativity of tattoo artists. Some believe that the images on their feet are packed more for the customer, rather than to attract extraneous views. This statement is debatable, because the girls (like the guys) will not miss the opportunity to wear short shorts and boast of their adornment.

Curious is the fact that in recent years, tattoos on the feet, the significance of which is determined only by the owner of the tattoo, has become the prerogative of the female, while men often tattooed their hands and back.