Tatoo Design

You can also change a bother tattoo if you “modify” it. New elements are added, the image becomes clouded with details, color update, shadow effects, retouching. It turns out a completely new tattoo. In this case, there is no need to work through the old drawing, since the work is done around it.

On the basis of the existing image, the master creates a completely new sketch in which the old tattoo becomes a part or the basis of a different composition. Then the pigment is applied consistently, and the salon client receives a new wearable image. The method is also called tattoo correction.

It is extremely important to understand that to block the tattoo many times will not work. Once, well, a maximum of two times (for example, overlap and refinement) an experienced specialist can work on the image. But this is the limit. Therefore, before you put your first skinned image, before you choose the original sketch, be sure to think about how this pattern will affect your life. If there is even the slightest doubt, the procedure is best postponed until such time as the decision is clear and unshakable.

Some sketches that you may need to overlap the old picture