Tattoo Art


Sunset and the revival of tattoo art

The emergence and spread of Christianity is associated with sunset tattoos as attributes of pagan rites. Various body ornaments were suppressed, according to the prohibition imposed by the Old Testament. The severity of church laws led to oblivion of the tattoo for many centuries.

The art of tattooing returned only in the 18-19th centuries, but has already lost its sacred meaning. The modern history of tattoos began when retired sailors opened their first tattoo parlors in port cities. Among English sailors, it was customary to apply the image of a crucifix on the body in the hope that it would protect during sailing. Corporal punishment was widely used in the Navy, and the tattoo served as a defense against beatings.

A new surge in popularity is associated with the development of youth culture of the 50-60s. In search of new means of expression, young people began to decorate their bodies with drawings. Since then, the popularity of tattoos is constantly growing. Since the 50s of the 20th century, tattoo conventions have been held regularly.