Tattoo blanks for application to the body


Tattoo blanks for application to the body

Symbols of tattoos as a sign of deviant behavior

When a comprehensive assessment of the mental status of the individual surveyed seems necessary (useful) to pay attention to the presence on the body of tattoos. Further, if possible, you need to recognize the symbolism of the tattoo found. In the course of the examination, specific tattoos of diagnostic value can be identified (in individuals with addiction to drugs and alcohol, with passive homosexual behavior, prone to sexual aggression, and so on).

Tattooing (persistent exogenous pigmentation) is understood as a deliberate artificial violation of the integrity of the skin with the help of piercing-cutting tools followed by the introduction of dyes into the wound surface in order to obtain persistent, non-disappearing images, whether this drawing is indifferent from an image of an ornament, an object or words, letters, numbers, points.


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