Tattoo designs


Tattoo designs

Is it painful to do tattoos on the chest?

It is a little more painful to fill the drawings on the chest than on the shoulder or forearm. The thinner the skin and the closer to the bone, the more unpleasant the sensation. It will be easier for men to suffer than for women, but in the area of ​​the clavicle and nipples the pain will be somewhat stronger. Much depends on the skill of the master, on the size and shape of needles, volume and density of the pattern. Many people think that you need to start with small compositions so that the procedure takes no more than 5 hours.

After the tattoo you need to thoroughly follow the recommendations of the master. Since this part of the body is almost always covered with clothes, wear wide T-shirts. Girls for two weeks should abandon the bra if the tattoo was applied in the bust area. Sleeping on your stomach is absolutely not recommended (yes it is not convenient) in order not to accidentally hook on the crust and spoil the outline of the picture.

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