Fans of animation are constantly growing, and with it, anime-style tattoos are becoming more and more popular, especially Anime tattoos can be seen in Chinese teenagers.

Types of sketches

The style of anime tattoos includes several directions. A sketch can display a specific scene from a cartoon or contain several plots and characters from different paintings at the same time.

The personalities of the heroes are not embellished and are portrayed in their characteristic pose. This rule also applies to facial expressions. Also in anime plots there are fictional or real animals and symbols that are directly related to a specific character. For example, many fans copy the body art of their favorite character onto their bodies.

It is not uncommon to find sketches of anime tattoos, which are made according to the customer’s photo, have nothing to do with Japanese cartoons, comics or computer games, but are made in a similar style.

Hiao Miyazaki This talented animation director’s creations are always distinguished by vivid, colorful and memorable landscapes that are used in tattoo design.

Among the popular heroes of body art, you can see the characters of Howl’s Moving Castle – fragile and strong in the spirit of Sophie, the wizard Howl or the fire of Lucifer, in which the heart of the castle’s owner was hidden.

The main characters of the cartoon “Spirited Away” – Chihiro and Haku, who are often depicted together, are very common in tattoos.
Haku in the guise of a mythical creature – a dragon, looks especially impressive. It is not uncommon for sketches to use images of secondary characters, which include the faceless and Yubaba.

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