TATTOO ON LIPS | Photo tattoo



Among young people, the trend of tattoos on the inside of the lower lip is gaining a lot of popularity. Now here you can often see naked ladies, Hello Kitty characters and even love messages.Картинки по запросу тату на губе

As a rule, tattoos are applied to those places of the body where they can be seen. But placing pictures on the inside of the lower lip seems strange, since it is unlikely that anyone will come to mind if the owner of this drawing does not show it himself. Apparently, to the numerous young people who decided to put the tattoo here, the likelihood is often to stick out the lip with the fingers.

And this is exactly the exact tattoo on the lip you need to do for pictures that will be published in various social networks. Perhaps, it is these photos that promote this trend among young people going for tattoos on the lip. Note that the application of tattoos in this area of ​​the body causes the most severe pain, since a large number of nerve endings are concentrated here.
Tattoos on the lips are very expensive, it hurts, but that’s not all. It turns out that most of these drawings disappear on their own for several years, and some evaporate in a few months. Still, the number of orders for such tattoos is growing, perhaps because their owners have a choice – who to show these drawings and when.

TATTOO ON LIPS“No one will see your tattoo on the inside of your lip if you do not want it yourself,” says Dan Gold, owner of one of the tattoo parlors of Great Britain, “But keep in mind that in a few months the tattoo will begin to fade away, two will be completely lost, they should be applied only by real professionals, never trust this work to any friends in your apartment. “This is unsafe and threatens with serious complications!”