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Today, tattoos on the collarbone for girls are more popular than ever. The appearance of these decorations is very aesthetic, you can see this in the study of photo-examples. The upper part of the body is an ideal platform for repelling sincere emotions and self-expression necessary for every person.

For those who are not indifferent to tattoos in the zone of clavicles, it is recommended to get acquainted with useful reasoning on this topic.

Tattoo on the collarbone – ideas and advice

The female gender often chooses this area of ​​the body for the arrangement of drawings of different content. This can not be said about the male field, they use clavicles a little less often, mostly there are phrases, drawings on important events, important dates and names.

tattoo on the clavicle
wolf on the clavicle

The ladies’ arsenal of images is many times wider, most often:

  • birds;
  • flowers;
  • insects;
  • asterisks;
  • all kinds of ornaments;
  • bows; patterns;
  • inscriptions in Latin, English and Chinese;
  • ancient runes.

In addition, men’s tattoos are larger in size, predominantly of horizontal orientation and extend over the entire shoulder girdle.

Female – often located vertically or diagonally.

Tattoo on the Clavicle
Bird on the Clavicle

There are many examples of women’s tattoos on both collarbones, but this option is chosen less often than the image on only one side. red bow-knot on the collarbone iridescent figure on the collarbone black birds If there is a strong belief in the desire to place the tattoo on the clavicle, you still need to take into account a number of important points, namely:

  1. it must be remembered that in the warm season of this particular zone in women is often on a general review, therefore, large drawings covering a large area of ​​the upper body are hard to hide;
  2. the process of tattooing on the clavicle is considered painful, but the girls do not repel such a fact because of the seductiveness of the result;
  3. large images mean the processing of a large area of ​​the skin, with inevitably affecting the areas closest to the bone, for someone it’s easier to give preference to smaller tattoos;
  4. not always drawings on this place hide a profound meaning, when they do not contain a semantic load, they serve exclusively for the sake of aesthetic pleasure;
  5. if the inscription is chosen, you will have to carefully consider its content, as well as the size, do not insist on too small a font, as the tattoo will inevitably be deformed over the years and small letters can merge into an incomprehensible and untidy spot;
  6. many suitable sources of information can be studied to select a suitable figure, but it is better to consult an expert who understands the meaning of tattoos, he will certainly emphasize drawing such an image, the relevance of which will not be lost for a person in many years.
tattoo on the clavicle
bird on the clavicle
flowers on the clavicle
flowers on the clavicle