Tattoo sign of the zodiac Capricorn


Tattoo sign of the zodiac Capricorn: meaning

Tattoo Capricorn is less common than other drawings with signs of the zodiac. Astrologers believe that people born under this constellation are often deprived of the flight of imagination and the desire to decorate themselves with this kind of drawing. But this is not so, because a tattoo can become a talisman, protector, and guide in life! And the Capricorn tattoo for a girl is also an opportunity to decorate your body, emphasize sexuality and passion. However, men with tattoos can also become more interesting and original.

Capricorn in astrology, history, and tattoo

If you believe the myths of ancient Greece, the goat is the god Pan, who was with the head of a goat and the body of a man. He was ascended to heaven for his services to the Olympians. Pan warned the gods about the approach of Tipheus – the monster, which symbolized the dungeon and fire. Pan knew that the monster was afraid of water, so he suggested hiding in the river. Having lived some time in the water, God grew a fishtail instead of a goat’s legs. It is from this myth that one meaning of tattooed Capricorn occurred – the ability to adapt, cunning, and ingenuity.

In astrology, the Capricorn constellation, which accounts for the period from December 22 to January 19. People born at this time are usually a bit proud, but do not know how to prove their success to others. However, Capricorns are always ready to learn and comprehend science, which can be emphasized with the help of the tattoo of this sign.

The element of the sign is the earth, which also affects the character of the Capricorn. It is noticed that people born under this constellation usually fill small and unobtrusive tattoos, they do not like large-scale sketches or an abundance of different shades in the picture.

The planet-patron is Saturn. She makes a sign of judgment and circumspection. On the choice of the sketch, this also affects: Capricorns usually fill the tattoo on a place hidden from prying eyes, in order to hide a personal picture if necessary.

The symbol of Capricorn for a tattoo is good. It looks like a Latin letter n with a curl at the end of the letter (there is also a variant resembling a solid sign). It is interesting to look at writing a sign in uppercase or, conversely, in Gothic, complementing it with a geometric pattern.

Sign Tattoo Value

The tattoo of the zodiac Capricorn often symbolizes the relationship of man with the Sun. It gives the tattoo owner internal strengths for new deeds and accomplishments. The sun makes a man an indefatigable leader. A sign of Capricorn in a tattoo is a symbol and a connection with Zeus. According to myths, it was he who helped climb Pan to Olympus, and now he is ready to help other ibexes achieve their goals.

In American Indians, Capricorn is a creature that combines the features of a crocodile and a bird, or a dragon and a fish. For them, this monster acts as an assistant to God in the creation of all living things, as well as a sign of knowledge, curiosity.
Interestingly, Capricorn for other cultures has a different meaning. For example, in Australia people in the constellation see instead of a strange creature with body parts from different kangaroo animals. It is a symbol of the movement forward, because the kangaroo simply does not know how to move back.

Astrologers note that Capricorns are usually lonely, they like solitude, but it also can drive a person into a blind alley. If you fill a tattoo with a sign of Capricorn, the picture on the body will become a guard against excessive melancholy and gloominess.

Interesting is the meaning of the tattoo of Capricorn, associated with another myth. According to him, Capricorn was two-faced Janus, who could look into the past and the future. It symbolized the immensity of time and the inability to influence fate.

The value of tattoo Capricorn for a girl may be somewhat different. Astrologers believe that a beautiful tattoo with its zodiac sign can help a woman to strengthen her natural energy, develop attraction and charm.

Where to stuff?

Before choosing a place for drawing, you should pay attention to the advice of astrologers. They believe that it is best to place a sketch with a goat on the outside of the thigh, then the effect of the tattoo on the fate will be maximum.

In general, the sign is responsible for the legs of a person, his support (which is related to the element – earth). Therefore, it is best to stuff a tattoo on the lower limbs, on your knees or under them, on the outside of the calves or feet.

Often the sketch is placed on popular places for a tattoo – a wrist, a shoulder, a neck.

Capricorn tattoo for girls and for men

Capricorn sign – a tattoo that will suit both girls and boys. The symbol looks restrained and versatile, it will be interesting to look both on the man’s bicep, and on the fragile girl’s hand. The only difference is that it is better for men to make the sign more angular, sharpen the end of the symbol or make the transitions of the lines coarser. This will help to gain self-confidence, become more determined. For women, on the contrary, it is better to cut corners in order to get rid of the desire to compete and show some aggression, which can sometimes be characteristic of Capricorn.

Constellation of Capricorn – a tattoo that is equally suitable for men and women. The girls of the master are recommended to make the stars smaller and denser to arrange them to each other, sometimes even there is an option of replacing the luminaries with flowers. For men, the constellation can be supplemented with an inscription in a graphic font.

Combination of tattoos with other symbols

Most often the symbol of the sign of the zodiac is stuffed without using additional elements. Capricorns do not like superfluous details and in principle prefer discreet sketches. If you want something unusual, try adding a picture of Saturn, precious stones – jade, ruby ​​or agate (also considered defenders of Capricorns). If you supplement the zodiac symbol with talismans, the tattoo can seriously affect the fate, help make the right choice, focus on success in career and personal life and go to your goals.

Often stuffed Pan or Janus. Pan is depicted next to Olympic gods or a river, Janus is presented with a mirror through which he looks to the past and the future. There are many options, the question is only in your imagination. It looks interesting tattoo of the constellation of Capricorn in combination with the image of the creature itself.