Tattoo sign of the zodiac virgo


Tattoo sign of the zodiac virgo: meaning

The tattoo of the Virgo sign is especially common among people born under this constellation, from August 23 to September 22. This is due to the fact that astrologers believe that the sign of the zodiac sign can protect the tattoo wearer from evil influence, even become his talisman and protector. Pictures for the tattoo of the Virgin can be used different, sometimes for the image of the sign even a simple image of the girl is used.

Meaning of a tattoo zodiac sign Virgo

To understand the meaning of a tattoo, it is important to look closely at the constellation and its effect on people born under this sign. Usually these are balanced individuals, they have well developed intuition and logic. These abilities can be emphasized or developed using tattoos.

Tattoo maiden can also symbolize the desire for excellence, elegance. If there is an image of a girl in the sketch, then this drawing means affection, creative nature, devotion and sincerity.

Sign of the Virgin in Tattoo and Astrology

As a tattoo with the sign of the zodiac Virgo, the constellation symbol, similar to the ornate Latin letter m with a few loops at the end of the letter, is most often chosen. It is believed that this sign contains the meaning of the structure of everything around, then how the world is equipped. Sometimes the maiden is also depicted as a cube or a vat, but this symbolism is much rarer.

Among the entire zodiacal belt, the Virgo constellation is the largest. Despite this, it is in this constellation that there is a point of the autumnal equinox. Perhaps, it is with this fact that the tattoo of a virgin is often associated with balance, harmony. However, such a tattoo may have a different meaning.

Astrologers believe that Virgos are often odnolyubami, they find it difficult to transfer the separation from a close person. The tattoo of the zodiac sign Virgo for girls in case of a break can help to recover from unpleasant sensations, however and become an eternal reminder of unhappy love.

Tattooing helps to reveal a person as a person. It helps to show oneself to others, to emphasize the fragility of nature. For some people, a tattoo in the form of a zodiac sign of a virgin can become a symbol of growing up, maturation of personality, because the constellation Dev is one of the largest.

This sign is also considered a symbol of chastity, chastity and innocence and at the same time the patroness of mothers. Sometimes a tattoo is stuffed even by girls born under another sign of the zodiac, in order to bear and give birth to a healthy child.

Tattoo with the sign of the Virgin can be filled as a symbol of honesty and openness. A drawing can symbolize truthfulness or even fidelity, both to a loved one, and to a duty or service.

Sometimes as a sketch of a tattoo, choose a drawing of a beautiful girl. Often, the appearance of the “model” is standard and taken by the master from the head. Such a girl is impersonal, she does not have a name. In this case, the tattoo is a vague symbol of tenderness and femininity.

Like other zodiacal symbols, the tattoo of the virgin’s sign can bring luck and success, develop intuition. What is especially important for this symbol is that the tattoo can give the ability to correctly prioritize and make the right choice. In addition, the original sketch will also allow you to become more mysterious. In order for the picture on the body to become your amulet, astrologers recommend to fill it in a 26-lunar day.

Where to stuff a tattoo?

From the photo of tattoos, the Virgo sign shows that the sketches are applied to different parts of the body. The most popular for tying the symbol of the zodiac is the neck and wrist. Less often images are stuffed on the back, chest, shoulder, calf or thigh.

It is believed that the ideal place for drawing is the stomach or waist. If you fill a tattoo on this part of the body, it will help in communicating with people, tell you when it’s better to tell the truth, and when to keep silent. This location is also recommended for those who want to draw a picture as an amulet. Tatto Virgo on the abdomen or waist promotes the development of intuition and even helps to determine for themselves a life goal.

Tattoo for the zodiac sign Virgo for men and women

The main meaning of the tattoo of a Virgo is still connected with innocence, femininity, softness and fragility. That’s why these sketches are more popular among girls than among guys.

The best versions of the tattoo of the zodiac sign for Virgo are for men – constellation, symbol or inscription Virgo (Latin name Dev). It looks interesting combination of a beautiful modest dressed girl with one of these elements. Such a sketch will convey absolutely any idea, and at the same time it will not look feminine. Tattoo Virgo for men can be replaced and depicted by famous personalities born under this sign. This, for example, Maria Golubkina (actress), Agatha Christie and Mary Shelley, Leo Tolstoy (writers). Such a sketch will show not only awareness in history, but also a desire for creativity, original ideas.

Variants of the tattoo of the zodiac sign Virgo for women are not less. It can also be a drawing of a girl, a symbol or an inscription. Another unusual option – instead of the symbol of the sign to fill the amulet of the Virgin – a grasshopper. Not bad fit and zodiac semi-precious stones – jade or jasper. Such ideas will appeal to lovers of original sketches, as well as those who do not want to stuff a virgin’s sign or speak directly and the meaning of a tattoo.

Styles for Tattoos

The style for tattooing is best chosen with the master directly in the development of the sketch. The constellation of the Virgin in a tattoo is more attractive in minimalism, graphics or line art. The symbol of the zodiac is better depicted in one of the traditional styles. As for the image of a virgin, everything depends on your imagination. You can draw a girl in realism (the most common option) or come up with something original and design a sketch in New school, old school, tradition, watercolors and other techniques.

Virgo and other elements

The tattoo of the zodiac sign Virgo is best complemented with the attributes inherent in this constellation. Fans of mathematical signs like the idea to decorate the sketch by numbers 14, 3 or 5 – they can enhance the magical effect of a tattoo on a person’s life.