Tattoo zodiac sign Aquarius


Tattoo sign of the zodiac Aquarius: meaning

Tattoo zodiac sign Aquarius is very popular among non-standard people born under this constellation. The tattoo itself symbolizes the rebellious nature of the image carrier, but it can also have a different meaning. Before figuring out the value of the Aquarius tattoo, let’s look at what this sign of the zodiac is all about.

Aquarius: a story in a horoscope and a tattoo

Aquarius – the eleventh and penultimate sign in the zodiacal circle, corresponds to people born in the period from January 20 to February 18. It is interesting that the zodiac refers to the elements of Air, which affects people born under the constellation, makes them inspired by new ideas, creative and slightly non-standard personalities. They always strive for freedom and freedom from the framework and standards of society.

Like many other signs, Aquarius has several variants of designation. The symbol of Aquarius in tattoos and astrology looks the same – two horizontal wavy lines. Many sources testify that, according to the idea, one wave stands for dead water, and the other for living water. According to another interpretation, one line symbolizes the mind, and the other – intuition.

Interestingly, the planet-patron saint of the sign are Saturn and Uranus. The first makes Aquarius melancholic, suspicious and weak, and Uranus gives energy and inspiration. That’s why people born under this sign often have a rather contradictory character, which is emphasized by the zodiac symbol – two wavy lines.

Often stuffed and other tattoos with the zodiac sign Aquarius. It can be a jug from which water or a man splashes out, or even a god pouring water on a fish. The latter option symbolizes the gift to the unreasonable animal of reason and other human qualities.

The value of the picture

A tattoo is an aquarius sign – not just beautiful pictures on the body. It can be a significant amulet, a talisman or emphasize some qualities of a person, his interests or priorities in life. Someone even stuffs a tattoo in the form of an Aquarius, hoping to acquire new traits of character or to achieve harmony in the already existing ones.

The first value of tattoos of Aquarius is getting rid of failures. It is believed that if you fill a man pouring water out of a jug, it will symbolize deleting everything bad, getting rid of the experiences of the past. The athlete in this case hints at the strength of the spirit and the willingness to survive any setbacks. A pitcher with splashing water can also mean a desire to help others, share their knowledge and skills with people.

The tattoo of the sign of Aquarius – two lines – means a dual character, inconsistency, even confusion. Often, Aquarius can not choose between peace and revolutionary features. The desire to help others and at the same time to obtain freedom is not always combined. Tattoo in the form of two waves will help you to find the desired harmony. At the same time, such a symbol will emphasize the desire for freedom, because the waves and the seas always symbolized the will, the vast expanse.

The people of this sign are also unstable in a romantic relationship. Astrologers believe that a tattoo with the sign of the zodiac Aquarius will help to find harmony in communicating with others, to concentrate on the most important thing. The tattoo will warn against fleeting connections, will give the ability to distinguish true love from sympathy and loyalty.

Where it will be better to look like a tattoo

There are several options for placing a tattoo with a constellation of Aquarius or its symbol. If you fill the picture on the front side of the thigh or under the knee, you can hope for good luck in your personal life and work. In addition, tattoos of Aquarius on this site for men will become a support in all their endeavors, they will give the owner of the picture determination, strength and confidence in their abilities. Astrologers believe that the tattoo with this sign of the zodiac is generally best to fill on the feet. This is due to the fact that Aquarius manages well-being and stability.

Other popular places for the tattoo with Aquarius are the neck, wrist, forearm, abdomen, ribs.

Colors for tattoos

Most often, the symbol of an Aquarius in a tattoo is stuffed in black. This option looks rather restrained and harmonious. However, astrologers insist on adding “zodiacal” shades to the sketch. For Aquarius it is greenish-blue, blue, gray and silvery colors. A good influence is also rendered by violet and lilac.

If you are planning to fill a tattoo of an Aquarius constellation, it’s better to dwell on the classic black version, because the blue or purple stars will look ugly. For sketches with a jug or a male-Aquarius, almost all the colors are used.

Tattoo Styles

The tattoo of Aquarius is depicted in many world styles. The symbol of the sign is usually beaten in minimalism, graphics or artifacts, occasionally decorating with stains of paint, characteristic for the style of watercolor.

A man with a jug of splashing water is often portrayed in realism, although other techniques are popular: engraving, traditional, ornamental, nyuskul, sketch style and handpick.

Combining the sign with other elements

On the photo of the tattoo of Aquarius it is seen that it is rarely combined with other elements or symbols. In fact, the sketch with the sign of the zodiac goes well with many drawings. It can be as water elements, for example, drops or water streams, water plants and animals, and air – birds, stars, lightning, wings.

If you want the tattoo to become a charm, supplement it with images of a key, sapphire, narcissus and hemp – all these objects are considered as defenders of water-lovers. However, do not overdo it, choose only one option you like!