Tattooed Bodies of Beautiful Models


Maori Tattoos: History, Values

The history of drawings of the Maori tribe (New Zealand) originates in the traditions of the peoples of Polynesia. Images on the body accompanied the rites of initiation. Throughout life, the tattoo was drawn. From the drawing of a Maori tattoo, one could learn about the social status of a person in a tribe, belonging to a clan and the prosperity of his family. Such drawings were also called tamoko.

Tattoo Features
Images passed one into another, contained fragments of plants and animals. All new drawings were added, and by the end of his life the human body was completely covered with a tattoo. The drawing was applied to all parts of the body, including the face. If women adorned the lower part of the lips and cheeks, then the tattoos for men extended to the forehead, cheekbones, nose.

Character Meaning
The curves of the ornament are of particular importance. Drawing can become parting words in deeds, endow with wisdom and protect. The image includes curves and spiral lines, geometric shapes. Widespread popularity is the Maori tattoo in the form of a spiral of bark – a pattern of a leaf that has not yet blossomed.

  • The Maori Shark is a protective amulet. The shark was considered an intelligent and sacred animal.
  • Spiral – weaving from 1-3 turns is performed, showing friendship, loyalty and devotion.
  • Dolphin – symbolizes the unity of man with the sea and nature.
  • The sun is a symbol of wisdom and power, rebirth and new life.

Style Features Polynesia
Tattoos are original and complex work. Images have a sacred meaning, so the choice of sketch should be considered carefully. A mixture of patterns and symbols allows you to create protection from the evil eye and failures. To do this, you need to contact professional masters who know the symbolism of the Maori tribal tattoos.

Such drawings are chosen by people who believe in the protective power of signs. A beautiful tribal tattoo pattern attracts men and women. When creating a sketch, the master takes into account the ability to emphasize the relief of the muscles and the sacred meaning of the signs.