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Tattoo Sleeves

Tattoo sleeve is a whole concept, philosophy, even science, if you want … To create a similar work, dozens of sessions and months of time may be required. But the end result is worth it – sleeves tattoos do not just look bright and effective, they become an expression of the essence, the individuality of its owner.

tattoo sleeves
Tattoo sleeves from the fairy tale alice in Wonderland

How to choose a theme for tattoo sleeves:

make tattoo sleeves
tattoo sleeves

Sometimes a big tattoo in the whole hand is gradually built around the central object, sometimes an entire concept is created under the sleeve, each element of which is chosen not by chance. In a number of cases, tatu sleeves are whole stories and even novels. Here, different techniques and styles can be combined, although many prefer traditional motifs: Japan, China, realism, the old school; Some people like patterns and tribes. A variety of elements can be included in the composition, up to the inscriptions, and the tattoo will look like a single whole.

tattoo sleeves