Tattoos Art Rrut


Art Rrut Tattoo – personify the outsider art, characterized by experimental directions that are influenced by the mainstream.

The term ar brut arose from the middle of the last century. For the first time it was used by the artist and French collector Jean Dubuffet. It was with these words that he characterized the single style of sculptural and artistic works he had collected – “rough or unprocessed art”.

Ar brut tattoos have a style that is free from different standards or branches in culture. It is a natural spontaneous enthusiasm of the artist. This style is therefore called “unprocessed” creativity, because it does not lend itself to cultural, fashionable and temporary “processing.”

In the style of tattoo Ar brute it is difficult to identify any characteristic features are inherent to him. Each master in his own way realizes the vision of his images, everyone has his own unique style. In addition, Ar brute can be distributed even on the Earth map – in different countries like different features: some are prone to realism; others to the color scale; others choose black and white graphics.

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