Tattoos engraving


Tattoos engraving

Tattoo Engraving is a style in the tattoo craft in which the images have the appearance of an engraving engraved on metal, wood and other materials. The date of origin of this style is considered the VI-VII century. First they were simple and primitive images. With the passage of time, this art developed and improved. Images began to include drawings of landscapes, biblical motifs, flowers, animals, illustrations for books. In our time, tattoos in the style of “engraving” are quite a complex technique, requiring high-quality skills and skill.

In addition, the style of the engraving tattoo at the present time has a similar situation with the blackbrink (a term often called anything, any tattoo made only in black.) Specifically, the engraving style is characterized by a certain technique: drawing shadows in this style should not be shaded, the shadows should not be soft, and, on the contrary, the dashes should be visible to the eye. Also, in this style, do not use a gray color or dilution with water of black color.This style can combine elements of completion, fill but this will no longer be a strict style.The strict style of engraving is, strictly speaking, black color, the presence of clear contours and linear shading of shadows.

Tattoo in the style of engraving is traditionally demonstrated by the motives of the Middle Ages. These can be drawings of fantastic animals, plants, skeletons, mythological creatures. But, this does not mean that this style limits in the choice. Any image can be executed in the style of engraving. Images of various optical illusions are very attractive.

Photo tattoos in the style of engraving