Top sketches for tattoos


Top sketches for tattoos

Researchers say that the more different tattoos on a person’s body, the higher the likelihood that he is cheating on his soul mate. Moreover, this statement is true for both men and women.

Scientists have conducted studies of approximately 2.5 thousand people who have tattoos on their bodies, and found that almost all of them have testosterone levels above average. This also applies to women who like to decorate their bodies with “drawings.” An excess of testosterone, scientists say, not only forces men and women to go to a tattoo parlor, but also causes a strong desire to have an affair, even if a person is already in a relationship.

However, the researchers only revealed the relationship between the excess of the hormone and the desire to go “to the left,” but this does not mean at all that all people with tattoos give in to the “call of the flesh” and cheat on their halves.

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