What everyone should know about tattoos!


A Tattoo is a Decoration of the Body

But many do not dare to decorate their body with a tattoo because of the procedure’s pain or some other reason. If someone does not know anything about tattoos at all and is afraid, it is essential to read this article and you will learn a lot of important and helpful information about tattoo art.

How is a tattoo made?

The tattoo is performed by injecting coloring pigments into the upper layer of the epidermis with a special disposable needle.
Nowadays, tattoo artists use rotary or induction machines, which give injections very quickly, and the pain from this is not as strong as many people think.
The process of applying a tattoo is quite tolerable, and local anesthesia is sometimes used to reduce pain. Therefore, if you are going to get a tattoo for yourself, you should not focus your attention on the pain. After all, there are other very important points that are important to know before applying for a tattoo.

Choice Tattoo Masters

A decisive role, if not fatal. Masters working in tattoo parlors are required to have a health book and, as a rule, a specialized art education, and most importantly, photos of their work (portfolio) and experience in their profession!

Who would like to be a “guinea pig” for training “stuffing a sleeve” by choosing a novice master – therefore, you need to take the choice of a master seriously.
It is advisable to find a master by recommendation – ask knowledgeable and trusted people about the professionalism of a particular tattoo artist, but we advise Melbourne tattoo artist.

If you decide to find a tattoo artist via the Internet, then you should pay attention to the portfolio on the site, and if you don’t like it, then feel free to go to another site.

There are also options when the portfolio contains the work of one or two masters, and in the salon, you will be tattooed by a third master since several masters work in the salons at different times.

Sometimes the site is simply filled with photos from the Internet, or you could recklessly confuse the master’s personal portfolio with examples of tattoos from the online catalog. In any case, you first need to sign up and come to the specialist you are interested in for a consultation in order to talk with him personally and see photos of the work he has done at the meeting.

If the cost of his services is high, and the work is beautiful, then it’s up to you to decide whether you deserve to wear a beautiful and not cheap tattoo… caught “master”, and after a while, they are puzzled by the question of where and how to reduce or fix their new and ugly tattoo …

That is why you should not save on yourself, but you need to boldly sign up for a salon where all sanitary standards and hygiene rules are observed, disposable tools, and first-class craftsmen work!

Before visiting the salon, you must definitely call to agree on the time of the visit, since there may be a tight record on this day, and the master will be able to receive you only at a certain time, or there may be a shortened working day (day off) in the salon. If you called, and the master (masters) has a long record and it is impossible to get a tattoo “right now”, as many people want, then this is a good sign – most likely there are many clients in the salon and there are successful masters.

Even if you want a tattoo that is not very difficult, in your opinion, it is better not to rush and sign up for the coming days in this particular salon, because the result may be better than you imagined.

By getting a tattoo from experienced tattoo artists, you will protect yourself from an unsuccessful tattoo and other unnecessary problems and worries, and a uniform preliminary appointment allows you to meet with the master at the earliest convenient time for you. You can choose tattoo options on our website in the Tattoo Designs.

Sketches Tattoo Selection

A drawing that will stay with you forever.
You can fill yourself with absolutely anything – almost any “fruit” of your fantasies. Now the most in-demand are color tattoos in a realistic design, and a professional tattoo artist should have at least 20 color pigments to choose from.

The salon has a lot of material with images of tattoo designs, but you still need to know what you want to see on yourself as a tattoo. Popular sketches can see here. We recommend discussing with the master the development of an individual sketch, which will be included in the cost of the tattoo and is not paid separately. You can also bring a photo of the tattoo you like with you or order an individual sketch from the master based on this photo.

Important to remember! The choice of one or a professional drawing is of course yours, but do not save on yourself, because the tattoo will remain with you for life!

How does the process of tattooing take place?

A decal is applied to the area of the skin pre-treated with an alcohol solution – the contours of the future tattoo. This greatly facilitates both the determination of the place where it will be located and the general visualization, as well as adjusting the size. Depending on the complexity of the tattoo, the master can use not only different tattoo machines and needles but also different application techniques.

After agreeing with the client on the location and size of the tattoo, the master proceeds to the process of pricking. Here it is worth gathering your courage and being patient, since the procedure, although tolerable, can be painful in some places. As a rule, masters warn in advance which parts of the body are the most sensitive to pain. For example, the inner surface of the thigh, neck, and intimate areas. If it is very painful, then it is possible to do anesthesia. Although this is a very extreme case.

Also, depending on the complexity of the work, you may have to go to the master more than once.

After the Tattoo Procedure

The master must cover the tattoo with cling film or a special bandage for 2-3 hours. After removing the film/dressing, you need to gently wash the tattoo with warm water and soap.

Pat dry with a clean towel, preferably a paper towel or disposable tissue. Then you need to apply a wound healing ointment to the tattoo, which the master will recommend to you. You need to smear the tattoo 2-3 times a day for a week.

For this period, excessive exposure to sunlight on the tattoo should be avoided, you should not visit the solarium, swimming pool, or open water, and you should not take hot baths. Clothing should be free-cut from natural fabrics, without synthetics. It is very important not to damage the tattoo during the healing period, you can not scratch it and peel off the “peeling crusts” that lag behind along with the paint!

After successful healing, which will take two to three weeks, you will need to show the tattoo artist so that he can look at the result of healing and, if necessary, make a final correction for an ideal result.