Where do girls get tattoos?


Where do girls get tattoos?

When choosing a place, consider the possibility, if necessary, to cover the drawing with clothes, if the dress code requires it at work.

What places for tattoos are better for girls:

Ankle – is very popular for applying bracelets, hearts, fish, as well as complex compositions.
Wrist – a small pattern is easy to hide under a long sleeve, watch or bracelet. Suitable for making short captions or small images.
Ear and behind the ear – an original place for miniature bird tattoos, inscriptions. If necessary, the pattern can be hidden by hair.
On the back of the neck – insects, flowers are tattooed, significant quotes and inscriptions are applied.
Hand – perform inscriptions with a hidden meaning, quotes.
On the shoulder – a small tattoo on the shoulder from above looks good.

On the shoulder blade – the image is easy to hide under clothes. Drawings look feminine and sexy.
Stop – the picture is visible in open shoes and on the beach, it looks attractive.
Back – suitable for large images, inscriptions along the spine are popular.
Hips – apply bracelets, garters, create an imitation of lace and jewelry.