5 Mistakes To Avoid As A First-Time PC Builder


5 Mistakes To Avoid As A First-Time PC Builder

Building a PC can seem intimidating, but it’s not actually that difficult. Still, there are some simple mistakes that first-time builders make that may complicate the process and make it a lot harder than it has to be.

First-Time PC Builder
5 Mistakes To Avoid As A First-Time PC Builder

Take a look at this guide to avoid them – and shop for the PC parts you need at our computer shop in Cape Town. GTR Computers also offers great laptop specials on new and refurbished laptops.

  1. Not Building On A Large, Clear Surface With Adequate Lighting

Building a PC can be a fiddly business. Working on a large, clear surface like a dining table and having plenty of bright lighting will make it a lot easier to plug in cables, install the motherboard, and handle every other step of the process.

 2. Not Reading The Manual

Each component you buy – from the case to the CPU, motherboard, GPU, and hard drives – will have documentation about how to install them properly. Read these carefully – and consult with them throughout the PC building process.

  1. Not Watching A Few Video Guides To Understand What To Expect

The best way to get a basic understanding of how to build a PC is to watch a few video guides on a website like YouTube.

This YouTube guide from Bitwit is quite long – clocking in at nearly 1 hour – but has a comprehensive overview of every single step of the process, and lots of tips that will help you build your first PC successfully, so check it out before you build!

  1. Buying A Cheap Motherboard Or PSU To Save Money

If you’re on a budget, you may be tempted to spend less on a motherboard or PSU to afford a better graphics card, SSD (solid state drive), more RAM, or a faster CPU.

But don’t make this mistake. A high-quality motherboard is essential for a long PC lifespan – and since this is what all your other components connect to, replacing a failed motherboard is extremely difficult.

Cheap PSUs also are very bad. They are inefficient and don’t deliver high quality power to your PC – and in the worst case, they could fail and fry your other valuable PC components. If you’re on a budget, be patient and save up until you can afford a high-quality motherboard or PSU from a reputable manufacturer.

  1. Using Incompatible Parts

For the most part, PC parts are universally compatible. But some things, like CPUs and motherboards, have specific designs that may cause compatibility issues if you choose the wrong parts.

To avoid using incompatible parts, we recommend using a tool like PC Part Picker. This tool lets you create a PC using the latest products, and automatically checks for part incompatibilities and other problems.

Follow These 5 Tips To Avoid Issues During Your PC Build!

With these 5 simple tips, you should be able to avoid the most common problems that confront first-time PC builders. So take another look at these tips, do some research of your own, and shop at our PC shop to get everything you need – at GTR Computers, we have a huge selection of PC parts for every budget.

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