Baroque tattoos


Baroque tattoos. Drawing with a display of luxury and wealth

Baroque tattoo is a style that arose in a challenge to rationalism and classicism. Translated from Italian, the word “baroque” means “bizarre”, “prone to excess”. This is reflected in the drawings of the Baroque style: stones and gold, luxury, richness of ornaments, rich colors, memorable and dynamic compositions. Masters in their works created an extraordinary union of the most violent fantasies and reality, a fantastic world and nature, realizing all this in the brightest and most diverse colors.

Today Baroque is one of the most outstanding styles of the Renaissance. In addition to painting, architecture, music and fashion, the Baroque style was able to penetrate into the art of tattoos. Its distinctive features are all the same – luxury, the presence of a wealth of patterns and complex ornaments.

Drawing tattoos in the Baroque style is a bold enough choice, providing its owner with definitely increased attention from others as a person with a refined kind.