🔥Beautiful girls with tattoos on the body👇


🔥 Beautiful girls with tattoos on the body 🔥

🚨 Some Original Tattoo Ideas For Girls and Women

✅ The most original tattoo is one that comes from yourself:

Now that you know the most popular feminine tattoos for women, it might be a good idea to deviate from the norm.

✅ Do you want the same design everybody else has? Be original in your choice of tattoo and take or make a design that has a special meaning to you. It pays to be more creative than just going to the tattoo parlor to buy a tattoo design from a book. It’s important to make a statement with your tattoo!

🚨 Here are some original tattoo ideas for women:

  • The female sign is a very powerful symbol and is very cool as a tattoo design (might also be a good tattoo idea for men). It’s also the symbol of the planet Venus.
  • An “new” old school tattoo: anchor, swallow and cherry tattoos, the Sailor Jerry style of tattoos, were hot in the early years of tattooing and now they are in vogue again. The old school tattoo designs of today are more refined, brighter and have more colors than the originals, thanks to modern tattoo equipment.

  • Chinese or Japanese symbols are not really original anymore, but there are other exotic scripts that are very suitable for tattoo designs, like Sanskrit, Hebrew or Tibetan.
  • Tribal tattoos: I can hear you thinking: “what is he saying now, everyone and their uncle has a tribal tat .” True, but the modern tribal tattoos that everyone has are designs in the Polynesian style or in the tattoo style from Borneo. There are many other tribes and all of them have their unique style. Have a look at the tattoo designs from the Haida tribe for example, they are more colorful than other tribals and you don’t see them nearly as much.