Drawings for tattoo masters


Drawings for tattoo masters

Sleeve Tattoos that are trending so hard right now. See why. Top sleeve art, places to get inked, and best tattoo artists working today. Sleeve tattoos have seemingly grown in popularity with the rise of tattoo acceptance in this country. When tattoos were seen more as a symbol of rebellion than a legitimate form of artistic expression, the sleeve would have been looked at quite differently than it is now. Sleeve tattoos allow the owner to really get a lot of art into a fairly limited surface by using every inch of skin for the tattoo.

Sleeves have become so popular that there are infinite variations: one arm, bilateral arms, forearm only, whole arm and some even carry the sleeve throughout the back and onto the other arm as one unified piece. I love sleeve tattoos for their diversity. Some use the arm as a canvas for one big artwork while others take the opportunity to create a smorgasbord of individual tattoos. Sleeves come in color or black and white.

They look great on both males and females. One of the best attributes of the sleeve tattoo is that while an intense, large tattoo it is able to be hidden. On the weekend you can wear all your sleeveless or t-shirts to show off and then Monday you can throw on a long sleeve dress shirt and attend that boring meeting with your boss being none the wiser. Let’s take a look at fifty fantastic samples of sleeve tattoos and their diversity.

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