Girly Tattoos


Girly Tattoos


Why not to do tattoos? Are there really sane arguments against?

Basically, there was considered only the medical aspect, which lies in the hypothetical introduction of infection, allergies and other unpleasant things.

In fact, most people understand that today the tools and equipment of a tattoo master make it possible to reduce all medical risks to almost zero. The paint used in the tattoo is hypoallergenic, the instruments are sterile, the needles are disposable.

This time we want to offer you 3 reasons NOT to make a tattoo that seems to us less objective.


Today the tattoo is extremely popular among teenagers. If 10 years ago, young people expressed themselves through clothes, hairstyles, extravagant makeup and accessories, today it is difficult to stand out and surprise those around with fashionable attributes. Things are replaced by wearable decoration.

And here lies the first drawback of tattoos – very often people are reckless in choosing an image, for the lack of earnings, adolescents save a lot on both the individual sketch and the wizard’s work, with the result that the result does not meet expectations.

Unfortunately, we do not have statistics on what% of people rework or cover their first tattoo, but from the experience of creating individual sketches to order, we can say that there are a lot of such people.


This reason is partially derived from the first, and is that young people often lay in the tattoo mysterious and mystical meaning, which after a while is lost. A change in worldview is almost inevitable in any thinking person who goes through different life experiences. Thus, what could mean one thing yesterday, tomorrow can be regarded as completely different.

For example, people at an early age who adorn their bodies with religious symbols and images change their attitude towards religion over time, and becoming atheists face the problem of what to do with tattoos.


Answering the question why you are doing a tattoo, many answer: this is my way of expression. But is this really the best way to express yourself?

A tattoo is, in fact, just a pigment of paint, driven under the skin. That is, the person has not made any special efforts for his self-expression. Of course, he earned money, formed the idea, suffered a couple of days of burning and scabies. But if you compare such self-expression with creativity or professional self-realization in work, the difference becomes obvious.

Obviously, it’s not the picture of a lion on a shoulder that makes a man a man. He is valued for his words and deeds. Do you agree? Write your opinion in the comments!