How to choose a copywriter?


How to choose a copywriter, a detailed guide!

How to choose a copywriter

Hello, friends!

We often receive requests from readers asking us to prepare a separate guide to choose copywriters. Naturally, this is a group of readers representing the customer side.

I took the liberty and prepared such a guide. This is because I know the market from both sides. In it, I myself started from the very bottom, went through all the stages, from the customer of the texts to a good copywriter.

Let’s talk about copywriters

Who exactly do you need?

First, let’s define who exactly you are looking for. Due to the fact that today even rewriters are called copywriters, specialists write everything about everything, here you need to figure it out

If you need an author for a text that just has to fill in an empty space on the site or contain a firing portion of keywords – you have a direct path to the exchange. There are plenty to choose from.

And if you are looking for an author for a term paper that pursues a specific goal, here you will have to look for a high-class specialist or custom term paper writing services.

That is, we will focus our attention on serious authors.

Tip: Decide who exactly you are looking for. What kind of problem do you want to solve with the help of a copywriter?

Copywriter Experience

How can experience be “quantified”?

  • The number of years of professional work.
  • Experience with texts of a specific genre.
  • Experience in working with texts for a specific business.

This is a quantitative point. There is also a qualitative aspect – for example, with the texts (or companies) of what level the author works.

For example, writing for offshore companies is one thing. And something completely different – for brands or themes about academic paper help.

Therefore, if you represent a brand company: look for an author who has already written for a brand company in your segment (even if from another country).

All other things being equal, I give a simple recommendation – the number of years of a professional career does not really mean anything. There are authors who achieve more in 2 years than others in 8. Because it is important to focus on qualitative experience, and not on quantitative.

It is more competent to cooperate with authors who have an active positive experience of working with specific texts in a clear business niche.

Anchoring to a clear business niche is also a very productive criterion. I know authors who only work in the info business niche. I know copywriters who write exclusively texts of a narrow thematic focus.

Aerobatics is to find an author who has a positive experience with specific texts for a specific business.

A few theses about the portfolio

A portfolio is a collection of work done by a copywriter.

The portfolio is designed to make it easier for you to choose.

  1. You are looking at work.
  2. You see with your own eyes how the author writes.
  3. You can understand – the copies himself or personally approaches each new project.

If the author does not have examples (just a few examples) of the text you are interested in, you are already at risk.

It so happens that the portfolio contains examples of not all works. Because nobody canceled the so-called NDA (non-disclosure agreement).

All this can be found out during personal communication with the author. And I do not recommend that you force the author to show the work under the pretext “Show it, it will stay between us.” Because you yourself are unlikely to be delighted if your copywriter demonstrates, upon request, the text that you asked not to show to anyone. Remember – confidentiality must be kept confidential.

There is also such a simple phenomenon when this or that copywriter can place texts of other authors in his portfolio.

The fraudster is easy to spot – compare the style with other texts, and you just understand that these are the works of different authors.
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If you have found an effective copywriter for yourself or a company where you can order high-quality text, value such relationships and value them. This one will always help you make even more money.