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New sketches for tattoos


New sketches for tattoos

Ankle tattoo is one of the most common tattoos on the legs. And she is in demand, both in men and women, but recently women are becoming the dominant bearers of such a tattoo.

Tattoo on the ankle make very different. Miniature, small tattoos containing some single object-symbol are popular, for example, a treble clef, notes, hearts, zodiac signs. Pictures of medium size, it is mainly longitudinal patterns with flowers, stretched cats, birds, whelps, scorpions and others. Inscriptions on this zone are not common, and if they do, they are Chinese characters or short words. Large drawings almost never occur.

On the ankle, tattoos are always made thin and elegant, using fine lines and patterns. The figure is wrapped around the bottom of the leg, repeating its contours and shapes. The drawings are rough, with dense layers of paint are quite rare.