Sale of Equipment for Tattoo Parlors


Sale of Equipment for Tattoo Parlors

Tattoo parlors have recently become very popular, due to the fashion for the very tattoo on the body. Each more or less large city has at least one such establishment, and about regional centers in general, you can modestly remain silent. Selling equipment for tattoo parlors is a specific business that will not be profitable everywhere. However, in most regions, this business can bring decent profits.

Where to begin?

Opening a “physical” store selling equipment for tattoo parlors is, to put it mildly, unreasonable. The fact is that the customer base within one city will not provide sufficient profitability for the outlet, and it is unlikely that many buyers will come from other cities. Therefore, we will consider the option of organizing an online store – its “influence” can spread to several regions at once. So, to open your online store selling equipment for tattoo parlors, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Officially register your activity, otherwise sooner or later the tax authorities will be interested in your income, and the “shop” will have to be closed.
  2. Order website design development in a trusted company. It is important that the development is carried out by competent support specialists who are able to quickly and efficiently eliminate the problems that have arisen in the operation of the online store.
  3. Carry out work to promote the site in search engines for low and medium-frequency queries. The fact is that the site needs to be oriented not to the entire endless territory of your country, but to several nearby regions.
  4. Launch an advertising campaign on social networks: thematic publics, targeted advertising, viral posts.

Tip: in addition to the online store, you can develop a so-called landing page, where potential customers can get acquainted with the main information about your business, as well as receive feedback.

What to sell?

So, having finished with the technical stages of creating an online store, you should proceed to compile a list of the assortment of goods that will be sold in it. An approximate list of them is as follows:

  • Special tables for clients;
  • Universal armrests;
  • Lamps for quartzing (disinfecting) premises;
  • Tattoo machines;
  • Permanent makeup machines;
  • Different types of tattoo pigments;
  • Piercing Kits;
  • A set of equipment for removing tattoos;
  • Disinfectants

Thus, the purchase of the first trial batch of goods will cost you about 6-7 thousand dollars. An important point: the equipment is best ordered from European and American manufacturers, prices are approximate. If you want to compare current prices, we advise you to look at our good friends who have been selling equipment for tattoo parlors for a long time


Supporting the functionality of an online store selling equipment for tattoo parlors will not require titanic efforts and huge financial investments from a businessman. The main thing is to hone to perfection all aspects of the online platform’s work even at the stage of its creation. With a constant active search for customers, within six months, the store’s net monthly profit will be about $ 1300-2000. You should not count on a large amount, since this case is too narrowly focused.

Summarizing the above, I would like to note that the sale of equipment for tattoo parlors can be an excellent springboard for a novice entrepreneur, opening the way for him to enter a big business with serious income.