Tattoo Biomechanics on the Back


tattoo biomechanics on the back

Hyperrealism – this is the motto of biomechanical tattoos on the human body.

For several decades now it’s a kind of native drawings – the combination of mechanics and internal parts in unusual compositions stir people’s minds.

Stunning compositions that connect electronic or mechanical parts that are closely intertwined with the muscles and tendons of the human body look truly realistic and fascinating. Such drawings are able to perform a true master and a man completely devoted to the art of drawing.

Quite popular today is the type of drawing where the torn flesh is depicted, through which the mechanical elements of the arm or leg protrude. Magnificent and exciting, like a picture and want to try hands, touch the unknown. It is a challenge and a desire to connect the human body and machines, add fantasy and cosmic to your body.

The first images had only one color – black, it was often diluted in gray. However, bright colors were added to these tones today. Here you can find red, green, purple and even yellow. Each of them more vividly conveys the picture, makes us believe in the reality of the picture and feel some fear, which bears in itself the decoration of the body.

Perform such complex drawings only specialists, they will be able to recommend a sketch or create it together with customers. Biomechanics is a fashionable trend in the natural patterns.