Tattoo sign of the zodiac lion


Tattoo sign of the zodiac lion: meaning

Tattoos with the sign of the zodiac Leo are most common among African and Oriental inhabitants, since they have such a pattern symbolizing divine power, authority and greatness. Sources also indicate the connection of the tattoo with the forces of the sun and fire. For some peoples, the lion is a family totem. The symbol of a lion in a tattoo is stuffed onto the body like a charm or even in memory of a deceased relative. The common idea of ​​all peoples is that the animal stands for power, courage and calm power. Some religions even portray God as a lion.

The lion is the fifth sign of the zodiac. It is believed that he has a male energy, and refers to the elements of fire. The patron of this animal is the Sun. With these concepts associated with the importance of tattoo with a lion’s sign. Fire is associated with quick temper, danger and power. The sun can give tattoo bearers luck, success in their careers and personal life. Male energy means that sketches with a lion are better suited to men, as the tattoo can bestow on them with strength, courage and even a sense of power.

In the photo the tattoo of the sign of the zodiac sign of the lion shows that its symbol looks like a small Latin letter n with the chopsticks wrapped in sides. A little like a sign and an inverted letter S. According to astrologers, the symbol stands for the mane or tail of the animal.

The value of the tattoo of the Zodiac Leo

In Buddhists, the sign of a lion in a tattoo symbolizes nobility, endurance and fortitude. In addition, such a picture on the body can bring a person good luck in different endeavors and real happiness.

Lioness, of course, means motherhood. Lionesses zealously protect their young, so the tattoo with the lioness also symbolizes the care of children, the willingness to fight for their well-being to the last, devotion to the family and wisdom. Tattoo for a girl with a lion’s mark is not only suitable for people who were born under this constellation. It is believed that with the right choice of picture tattoo can bring long-awaited motherhood.

Tattoo sign of the zodiac lion is pure as a symbol is not packed as often as the image of the muzzle or the entire body of the animal. The symbol of the sign in the tattoo-culture symbolizes only self-control and endurance, including the ability to control your subconscious. This fact is related to the lion’s way of life. They are nocturnal animals, and the dark time of the day from ancient times is considered a symbol of the subconscious. Night, too, is associated with the cosmos, the beginning of all living things, so this idea can hide even in a small drawing, for example, a tattoo with a constellation of a lion. Sometimes a sign can also denote a creative nature.

Among the other possible values ​​of this picture are generosity, openness, willingness to come to the rescue and responsiveness. If you are interested in just such a value, it is recommended to supplement the tattoo with symbols of power – the Sun, purple and gold elements, the crown.

Be prepared for the fact that the tattoo of the lion sign can bring not only positive character traits. People born under this zodiac are characterized by their own superiority, some impatience and love of attention from others. Therefore, drawing can mean these qualities, or even give them a sketch carrier.

In what colors do they beat the lion?

If you go to fill only the symbol of the sign, then it is better to depict it in black. The tattoo of the zodiac sign of a lion with a crown looks great in a combination of black with “rich” shades – gold, silver, red or purple.

In the case when the sketch symbolizes the relationship of the sign of the zodiac with the elements of fire, aggression and quick temper, it is usually supplemented with orange or yellow color.

If you are going to stuff a lion in addition to a symbol, then it’s better to depict it not in black, but in natural animal tones – red, beige, yellow, brown, etc

Tattoos for Men and for Girls

The photo shows that the tattoo of the zodiac sign of the lion for girls is somewhat different from the male sketches. Women prefer small, tidy tattoos, mainly with the image of only the symbol of the sign or a small lioness or a lion cub. Guys prefer large sketches with a lot of small details and bright elements, for example, with the addition of fire, a developing mane, a volcano, etc. However, girls also supplement the tattoo with other drawings, but only with butterflies, flowers, asterisks or hearts.

The tattoo of the constellation of the lion is popular both among girls and among guys. In the picture of the tattoo of the zodiac sign of the lion, presented below, it is clear that the woman replaced in the sketch of the star for small flowers – a rather original and attractive solution.

Tattoos of the zodiac lion and other elements

Most often the symbol of the sign of the zodiac is complemented by the image of a lion, its manes or even just paws or a trace from it.

Strengthen the influence of the tattoo can be and with the help of other elements. If you want a tattoo to bring good luck, decorate the sketch with lavender. Give self-confidence, courage and even power can tattoos with a crown or scepter. Peacefulness is easier to convey in the combination of the symbol of the sign of the zodiac with small defenseless animals or floral ornament. To transfer aggression, power and quick temper, complete the tattoo with a flame of fire.