Tattoos as twins as a zodiac sign


History of tattoos as twins as a zodiac sign

The sign of the twins is often used in tattoos, and it does not always have to do with the horoscope. Despite the fact that often this sign of the zodiac is represented simply as two identical faces, it is best to supplement the sketch with other astrological elements so that the picture is treated unambiguously.

Tattoo Sign of the Zodiac Gemini: Value

The tattoo sign of the zodiac sign of the twins can be portrayed as a simple symbol or inscription, and look like a real work of art, a full-fledged embodiment of an artistic idea. Among other astrological signs this one is one of the most popular, and the ideas of the masters are simply amazing. A particularly interesting look is the 3d tattoo of the sign of the twins, but about this a little later.

Most often tattoos are stuffed by twins born in the period May-June, or those who have born in these months dear people: the second half, the parent or the child – although astrologers do not recommend stuffing a symbol of their constellation. Born under the sign of twins are usually vulnerable and romantic personalities. They quickly make decisions and often change their point of view on different issues.
Popular tattoo designs – a realistic image of twins (both babies and adults, the gender of the people depicted does not affect the value of the tattoo), the sign symbol (two columns connected together, resembles the Roman number II), the inscription Gemini (from Latin – “twins” “), The constellation and others.

Types of Tattoo Signs of the Zodiac Twins and Their Meanings

The value of tatu twins densely intersects with the influence of the zodiac sign on the character of a person and his fate. So, a tattoo in the form of two faces or columns can symbolize duplicity, the two sides of a person or vice versa, to show the harmony of his character. Sometimes two connected columns can also mean a gateway to the world of self-knowledge.

Astrologers also believe that a twin tattoo stuffed on the human body of this sign of the zodiac can attract positive emotions, help develop intuition in matters and succeed both in career and in personal life. So, the drawing on the skin is not only a beautiful image, but also a kind of amulet and amulet that changes the owner’s life for the better.

If you approach the question of the meaning of the symbol of twins in a tattoo from the point of view of the inhabitants of the east, then in this case the sketch can become a talisman. Gemini refers to the element Air, and in the eastern countries – Wind. It is believed that a tattoo can reduce the importance of the elements in a person’s life and save him from excessive windiness in his affairs, protect him from excessive emotionality and unnecessary love relationships.

In general, a tattoo with the zodiac sign of twins means duality, different sides of life, an infinite forward movement, eternal youth and a desire to constantly seek a new solution, rather than adapt to the existing order.

Color Tattoo Solution

On a photo a tattoo a sign of the zodiac twins it is possible to notice that more often sketches fill in black color. Girls prefer warmer and brighter colors, for example, green, purple, red and others. Twin tattoos for men are often purely black. Sometimes this color is combined with other dark shades – blue or gray.

In order to strengthen the influence of the tattoo of the zodiac twins on their fate and make it an even stronger amulet, it is best to depict it in yellow shades, as it is considered a zodiacal color for the sign.

Tattoo for the zodiac sign of the twins for girls and men

Tattoo the sign of the twin is often filled with both girls and guys. The difference is observed only in the artistry and color scheme of the sketch. Men prefer the classic option with no frills. Male tattoos of the zodiac twins are usually rather low-key – a symbol of the sign in black without geometric patterns or additional elements. The sign of the twins in the tattoo of men is strict, decorated in a Gothic style. Sometimes guys choose bigger sketches and fill real pictures with the image of two people. Girls prefer rather modest and neat options. Most often this is an image of two twin kids, a zodiac sign, decorated with ornate lines or an inscription in a beautiful font.

Constellation twins – tattoos, which are more often filled by girls than men. This is not surprising, because such a drawing is very gentle and neat, it looks great on the female body, especially on the ankle or under the breast.

Tattoo Styles

From the pictures of the tattoos of the twins, you can see that these sketches are stuffed in traditional styles. Excellent graphics, line art, realism, black and white tradition, watercolor, minimalism, bioorganic (with the effect of 3d) and handpack. The tattoo of the constellation of twins is often depicted in the styles of artwork, handpack or in combination with other geometric styles.

Male tattoo twins can be found in other interesting interpretations. The combination of the zodiac sign with the eastern elements, executed in Japanese or Chinese styles, oriental technique looks unusual.